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Congress authorized $1 billion last July to help unemployed homeowners nationwide who are at risk of foreclosure as part of the Emergency Homeowners Loan Program (EHLP). EHLP was signed into law 180 days ago by President Obama as part of … Continue reading

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Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy restructures your debt in order to make financial obligations to creditors manageable. Debts commonly included in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are past due mortgage payments, car loans and student loans. Nothing absolves you from having to pay … Continue reading

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Consumer Laws That Protect Your Money

Most financial transactions involving consumers are covered by consumer protection laws. These include transactions involving credit, charge, and debit cards issued by banks and credit cards issued by retail stores; ATM transactions and other electronic fund transfers; deposit account transactions; … Continue reading

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Famous People Who Filed Bankruptcy

Famous People Who Filed Bankruptcy People with all levels of income can overcome their financial problems by filing bankruptcy.  The following is a list of famous people including artists, athletes, authors, actors and businessmen who filed for bankruptcy. Most of … Continue reading

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Wizard of Oz Filed Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Can Happen To Anyone As the following list of famous people confirms, anyone can find themselves unable to pay their bills.  A high income helps but does not prevent financial problems from happening.  People facing financial difficulties often feel … Continue reading

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